Erotic Romance Novels

It’s about a spiritual man yet wrestling to overcome his lust. He’s married but fell in love with his officemate who’s also married… This could be a typical extra-marital affair story but there are lessons to be learned such as this one: “We must never judge and condemn when we see others deviating from the norms of the society and of the church where we belong to. They’re just on the process of learning of what truly is real and lasting happiness.”
Mike, with his girlfriend, went for a massage. Then he met a sexy masseuse who filled up his carnal desires. His wild adventures began where he was left with no choice but to help her escape from a drug addict. However, Mike had an accident where his head was severely injured. He was in a coma. He had a dream about God. Learning it wasn’t yet the time to die, Mike regained consciousness.

The danger was over but the wild scenes continued when he met an attractive virgin. He had a divine calling to fulfill but still wrestling to overcome his lust.

In the turn of events, Mike became the massage therapist. The erotic action continues on different unforeseen episodes.
Get to know the carnal man. Read his thoughts, his desires and how he views lust as natural in every man which should never be suppressed. Discover how he makes a woman fall for him. However, of all the things he’s been doing, he can never leave his wife and kids. Call him a womanizer, philanderer or adulterous… One thing for sure, he admits he is lustful but deep in his spirit, he silently longs to be transformed in the right order of time.