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Like a Sermon from a Pastor

One time, I was talking to a woman. She knows a lot about me, you know, my extra-marital affairs… It was like I was listening to a sermon from a fucking pastor. Here’s what she had to say:

“Reality is, there will always be temptations wherever you go. You can’t escape that. You know that for sure. So my piece of advice, when there’s temptation right in front of you, I want you to be strong. Always be professional. Even if the girl is tempting you, whether explicitly or implicitly, you have to say no always. Say no at all times especially when you’re inside the office. Even if you’re outside the office, and when the one who’s tempting you is your colleague, you have to say no at all times. Even if the girl is not tempting you, don’t you ever make a move that would make her fall for your smooth moves.”

“If you can’t be faithful with your wife. Just tell her. There’s no need to hide your secret sexual affairs. Just confess and be ready that she will leave you. Don’t let us suffer in the dark. Suffering could be more painful if we always have fears that you’re lying in front of us. Suffering could be worse if our fears are proven true all along. We, women, are faithful by nature. So if men can’t level with that, it’s better to part ways. You see, I can stand on my own. I don’t need a husband who can not fuck me when I wanted to. But if he’s the one who wants to fuck, I can’t refuse because he would be upset. But if I’m the one who wants to fuck, he got a lot of excuses of his inability. For all I know, he has already cummed on his other woman. Is that true on your end, Mike?”

All I could reply, “I don’t like this kind of talk.”

Just like Food, Sex Nourishes

Lust is inherent in me. I guess it’s also to true to other men. Maybe there’s a way of taking it out, if you willingly give up on it. But it takes a lot of sacrifice and denial. It’s hard and can only be successfully done by few. Most men I know are lustful and two-timer. Even when confronted with danger and risk, they still do it.

One time, I read a news article that Philippines has the highest number of viewers in a certain pornsite compared to any countries in the world. What’s ironic is that we’re the only country left (except for Vatican) that divorce is still not legal. I don’t know if there’s a survey that Philippines has the highest number of married men with extra-marital affairs. I think it’s impossible to conduct the said survey because I know, we, men, would mostly deny. We want to keep our marriage and have our family intact yet we’re not able to keep our marriage vows. In secret, we meet women and fuck them in a motel or in our cars. Some, we pay them. Some, we get involved in illicit love affairs out of thrill and excitement. Some women just like to be fucked for the pleasure of it whether the man is married or not. The list of different scenarios goes on and on… One thing for sure remains to be the true and the same. Sex is both a want and need. Just like food, sex nourishes. As long as fucking is done in a safe way, regular sex is good for the body and mind. For the body, it’s a great exercise with the ability to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and prostate cancer. For the mind, it would make you realize that life is worth living for, especially if you fuck different attractive individual from time to time other than your spouse.

The Wisdom of Manong 2

I reflected for a while on what Manong just said as we continued to walk. I must admit, oftentimes I get to be worried and keeping the worry in my mind for long. By then, I got to be fully aware especially when he said, Happiness is a state of mind which we create and it mostly dictates whether we’re just gonna be fine or not. But then again, I also have to take care of my body since the mind doesn’t have the 100% control of our well-being. I exactly don’t know if this is the first time I’ve heard it. Maybe I’ve read something about it but it slips my mind but hearing from someone who lives by it, I’m moved more than ever.

He asked, “You have more questions, Mike?”

“Yes, I do, Manong. If you don’t mind, I’m gonna ask some personal questions. Is that ok with you?”

“What is it?”

“I know your wife passed away few years ago, but does that mean you don’t have a sex life anymore?”

“What a question!”

“I’m sorry about my question. That’s ok if you don’t wanna answer.”

“I’m just amused with your question. Of all the questions in the world, that’s the one you’ve thought?!”

“It’s really ok, Manong. You don’t have to answer. You don’t have to talk about it.”

“No, no, no! I’ll answer it. You’re not someone I really don’t know. I’ve known you since you were just a little boy. You seem to be a nice man. Is that right?”

“You’re right, Manong. You can trust me.”

“Very well… Let’s sit for a while. My knees really want to rest now.”

So we went to something where we can sit. It’s a cemented kind of seat with some dust on it so I had to wipe it off before sitting.

“So regarding your question, if I tell you this, you’ll be the first person to know and I don’t plan on telling this to another one. I trust you. Could I be mistaken in trusting you?”

“No, Manong. Not at all.”

“First of all, even when my wife was still alive, I masturbate from time to time. You know when you’re old, you don’t enjoy sex as much when you’re younger. I mean, it’s very physically tiring if you’re on top fucking and pumping the vagina. Right?”

“Hahahaha! You’re right, Manong! Although I’m half your age, sometimes, I do feel tired. So I know what you mean.”

“So masturbation is useful, but when she passed away, I realize masturbation loses its meaning. I don’t know but I felt so empty doing it. So that led me to find someone who could be my sex partner. And since I can’t just grab a girl and have her as my girlfriend… If I do that, what will my children say about me? Not only that, what will people say about me especially our neighbors?”

“Right. So what did you do?”

He sat closer besides me. He looked at the back and his side…

He then said, “I discovered this place where they offer lingam massage. Do you know what that means?”

“Hehehe! I know what you’re talking about, Manong.”

“Aha! So you go to those places!?”

“I did but not anymore presently.”

“Why not?”

“Let’s just say I wanna be focused with my wife. We still have good sex.”

“That’s good.”

“So, Manong, you go for a Lingam massage and?”

“That’s the good thing about it because you just have to relax, lie down while the therapist works hard until you reach your orgasm.”

“I’m sure it would take longer for you to cum with your age?”

“You’re right about that!”

“Hahaha! And I’m sure you give big tip to compensate the efforts of the masseuse. Is that right?”

“You’re right again!”

“So have you found your sex partner there?”

“Why are you so good with your questions as if you already know that my answers are all yes?”

“Hehehe! Let’s just say, I’ve been around.”

“That’s good because I’m sharing my secret with the right person.”

“So going back to my question about the sex partner thing…”

“After trying different therapists, I finally found this girl whom I could say, the perfect one, because she’s young, beautiful and most of all understanding with my age and needs. From then on, I’ve been a frequent patron. I go there once a week, sometimes, twice. If I don’t do this, my life could be boring, just waiting for the days to go by until I die. I don’t wanna live my remaining days like that. I have money. What is this for? My children have money and they don’t need any money from me. Sometimes, they give me money so I can buy what I want. Clothes, shoes, material things don’t make me happy. I’m just contented with my old clothes and other stuff. What’s important, they’re all clean. What makes me happy now is keeping my sexual needs filled up. So whoever invented this orgasm in man’s life, it could be God or whoever, it’s the best thing we ever have. So why deny it? It’s keeping me alive!”

The Wisdom of Manong

I have a friend who is already 82 years old. Oftentimes, I see him walking around with his dog. He’s always smiling every time I see him. One time I had a meaningful conversation with him.

“Manong, how are you?”

“Well, I’m still the same, a happy guy!”

“That’s what I like about you, manong! If you don’t mind, can you share to me the secret of your long healthy life?”

“Well, Mike, there’s no secret. Look at me. You just have to be happy all the time as much as you can.”

“Oh, yeah, of course. It shows! That’s it?”

“Well, being happy is I would say, contributes to more than 50% of your wellness. So if you say you’re happy but you continually smoke and drink, surely, someday, you get hit with sickness until you die. So if you say you’re happy but deep inside you, you continue to be worried and resentful towards others, then sooner or later, you get sick. What I’m saying is you have to take care both of your body and mind.”

“I get it, Manong. What about the foods you eat? Are you an organic vegetarian?”

“Don’t get me wrong. It’s good if you practice that. But if you’re very strict with your diet, making sure everything you consume is organic and vegetarian, but what if one day time will come when you’re already so hungry, but you can’t find anything that’s vegetarian and organic, would you just continue to be hungry even you feel so weak? You can get sick if that’s the case? Right?”

“Right. So are you saying, you eat anything so you don’t get hungry?”

“Of course! The secret is moderation and letting go.”

“So you have a secret then, manong!”

“But moderation is not a secret. All people know, we should eat and drink moderately, right?”

“Right. What do you mean by letting go? I guess this is your secret.”

“Well, you can say that. It just means, just let go of your worries. So if you’re able to eat a grilled steak in a party where you’re invited… Of course, it’s an insult to refuse an offer from the host to eat that well-prepared food. Just don’t think about the cholesterol. Just enjoy while eating but then again, in moderation. What I’m saying, your mind mostly dictates whether you’re just gonna be fine or not.”

“I see. What can I say? That’s a very meaningful wisdom you’ve told me, manong. Thank you.”

“So be happy but be sincere. You can’t fake happiness. You alone are the only one who know if you’re really happy or not. Eat pork and beef a little. Drink one bottle of beer. What’s important, you enjoy. You’re not denying yourself life’s simple happiness. Happiness is a state of mind. You create it. But you can’t create it if the outside forces affect you. You should not be affected. Worry is natural. What’s not natural is keeping it in your mind for long. You should not entertain worry. It’s the biggest enemy to happiness. Anger is natural. What’s not natural is keeping it for long. Let go. Forgive. Wish your enemies wellness. If you do, you’re actually wishing yourself wellness. So as you can see, Mike, the mind is very powerful. Don’t you ever underestimate it! It’s like the commander-in-chief of your life.”

The Attractive Saleslady

This happened last year of May…

I was told by my wife to buy some groceries one Friday. As I was about to go outside the mall, I saw this attractive saleslady, dressed in tight fitting jeans and t-shit, wearing high heels.

My lust was activated again. Although I’d been telling myself to go home right away but as I said, my lust is something which is very powerful that oftentimes, I just keep losing the battle.

So I pretended to buy something as I went inside their store. After asking some information about their products and after I observed her supervisor went out for a while, I began my smooth moves.

When all left but me and the saleslady, with full confidence, I asked, “Is it ok we meet after your work?

She replied with a facial expression of getting playful, “Hah?! What are we gonna do, sir?”

“We’ll just eat and after I’ll drive you home.”

“Are you sure, sir?”

As I was making my own impression on her, with her sexy look and being vocal with the way she expressed herself, I was thinking she was easy to get and I can have a one stand with her.

I glanced at my watch. Obviously, I didn’t have much time left. In order to assure she shows up, I said, “Here’s 500. I’ll give you another if you show up.”

She was a bit shocked. Before she could say anything, I told her I’ll wait for her at a certain location on the agreed time. I mentioned my car plate number. I didn’t even wait for her yes. I abruptly left when her supervisor came back.

Guess what? She came and got inside the car.

She smiled and greeted me while breathing heavily, “Hi, sir!”

“Hi! Thank God, you showed up! I hope your boyfriend wouldn’t get mad about this.”

“Hahaha! As if I have a boyfriend!”

“So you don’t have a boyfriend?”

“Sir, let’s not talk about it. So where shall we go?”

A text came in. I looked at my cellphone and said, “Damn!”

She asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Something came up. I have to be home right away.”

“It’s ok, sir. I’ll just go with my friends. Ok?”

I answered, “Ok. I’ll just text you. Take care now,” as I gently touched her hair.”

She got out from the car. I knew I had the opportunity to fuck her but I had to attend immediately to my daughter who got high fever.

I noticed some mysterious forces, I couldn’t identify, which have been trying to pull me out from my carnal activities. I don’t know if I have to be grateful about it but all I know, this is better as long as my family continues to be intact and well.

– (excerpts from the upcoming book, The Carnal Man 2)