Stories of lust, love and a little bit of spirituality…

Some words expressed are sexually explicit. 18+ readers only.

God enlighten us.

About Me. I’ve been a writer on erotica since 2006. At that time, I was using the platform of Xanga. On 2009, I deleted the blog as I planned to pursue my spiritual evolution. But in the short period of time, I didn’t last. I failed.

In 2011, I got back writing, sharing my erotic thoughts on social media. I created and deleted different sites again and again due to some readers who didn’t like my writings.

In 2016, inspired by true event, I wrote the first edition of Oh, Daniel. The original title was different back then which I first published on Smashwords. Thereafter, I published The Massage Therapist and The Carnal Man. Then in 2020, I moved those said titles on Amazon.

I also created and deleted different websites again and again. It was the same challenge I faced. I hope with this new site, it will last long unless I would go back in pursuing again my path towards spiritual evolution. But one thing, I just realized recently that it’s not easy to change. Sometimes, I’m tempted to think that I’ll always remain lustful.