Stories of erotica, romance and love…

Some words expressed are sexually explicit. 18+ readers only.

About Mike M. Luster. I’ve been a writer on erotica since 2006. At that time, I was using the platform of Xanga. On 2009, I deleted the blog as I planned to pursue my spiritual evolution. But in the short period of time, I didn’t last. I failed.

In 2011, I got back writing, sharing my erotic thoughts on social media. I created and deleted different sites again and again due to some readers who didn’t like my writings due to explicit sexual content mixed with spirituality.

In 2016, inspired by true event, I wrote the first edition of Oh, Daniel. The original title was different back then which I first published on Smashwords. Thereafter, I published The Massage Therapist and The Carnal Man. Then in 2020, I moved those said titles on Amazon.

I also created and deleted different websites again and again. It was the same challenge I faced. I hope with this new site, it will last long unless I would go back in pursuing again my path towards spiritual evolution. But one thing, I just realized recently that it’s not easy to change. Sometimes, I’m tempted to think that I’ll always remain lustful.


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